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Salon Policies

The purpose of this policy is to advise you as our customer, as to the services that can be expected from Boutique Nail Salon, and the steps and procedure that can be taken if you, the customer are not satisfied with the services you receive from Boutique Nail Salon.


At Boutique Nail Salon, we provide all our guests with a remarkable experience while performing our business with integrity and deep knowledge of our profession. We are committed to providing superior service to each individual guest with added value. Through our friendly customer service and lifelong education, we will strive to be your number one choice for all your NAIL CARE needs, while setting the standard in nails spa environmental responsibility.


Appointments can be canceled in advance by calling 215-862-2111. Please give at least 24 hours notice so that we have the opportunity to offer your reserved time to another client on our waiting list. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen, and it’s not always possible to give adequate notice when you can’t make an appointment. However, be aware that if you repeatedly cancel appointments without proper notice, we reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure your next appointment.


Tardiness Scheduled appointments have a 15 minute grace period to allow for unpredicted traffic or parking difficulties. If you anticipate that you will be later than 15 minutes, please call ahead to see if we have the availability to complete your service in full. One late client can throw off our entire schedule and cause our other clients to be late for their commitments. Therefore, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to refuse partial or complete services.


If you make an appointment that you don’t cancel and don’t show up for, you might be asked for a deposit in the future or be served as a walk-in only


If you are not happy with your nails, please make us aware of it before you pay. We will adjust them to your satisfaction or remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied. No refunds will be given after you have left the salon.


If you are ever dissatisfied with any service in the salon we will gladly make the corrections necessary to exceed your expectations within 3 days of your original services. No refund is given after it has been rendered.

  • Enhancements and gel polish manicures are guaranteed for 5 business days after your appointment; excluding breakages. If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifting in the first 5 days, please call us to schedule a free repair. (Repairs must be arranged within 3 days of notification to the salon to be considered complimentary fixes.) Repairs after 5 days or for breakages, tears, and corner breaks without notifications are $5+ each.
  • Traditional/Regular Nail polish services are not guaranteed.

However, we would be glad to fix them for you. Must be called in within 24-48 hours after initial service and schedule an appointment for a nail fix within 2 days.
Please DO NOT EMAIL for fixes. Please call the salon and leave a voice message if no one picks up. We would like to quickly serve you as soon as possible.


We require a secure deposit at time of booking for a group that more than 2 people. We will take a credit card number of the group coordinator, and if there are any cancellations less than 24 hours, no shows, you will be charged the full price for those services.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service To:

  • Anyone with a nail condition we suspect may be contagious
  • Anyone with open or infected wounds in the treatment area
  • Anyone in ill health that we may suspect may be contagious, or we fear could be harmed by our service
  • Anyone more than 10-15 minutes late for an appointment
  • Anyone demonstrating inappropriate behavior to our nail technicians and other customers
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